You've just arrived to Clermont-Ferrand and you need a first contact ?

WorldTop is here to welcome you and receive you at the exit of the train, at the bus station or at the airport. If you want to discover the city or be accompanied to your accomadation, a member of our team will be present for you.

For those who already have a buddy from the "buddysystem" of the UCA, please contact him or her because it's him or her job to receive you. But if you don't have any answer from him or her we will be here for you !

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If you want us to come pick you up, you have to contact us at Please precise the date, hour and place where you'll arrive because without this informations our members would'nt be able to find you. Send us an e-mail since the moment you've planned you trip and don't hesitate to send us an e-mail again, the day before your departure.

You can fill in this form, and send it back to

Don't forget to precise the place where you will be living during your stay so that we could choose for you a "reception member" who's living at the same place as you. That way, him or her'll help you to understand how does that work there and will show you the important places of your living area. 

In case of special needs tell us as soon as possible.

Hope to see you in Clermont-Ferrand !