With 600,000 visitors in 2017, Le PAL is among the 5 most visited theme parks in France. It's now the third most visited tourist destination in the new Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes region.


Why should you visit Le Pal?

-  Only 1h30 from Clermont-Ferrand

-  You can enjoy 28 incredible attractions and then wandering around and see 700 amazing animals

-  €23 (Ticket and bus) For 2018

-  Enjoy sea lions, parrots, flying birds shows

-  Sleep in exotic lodges (from 141€ including entrance, dinner in Tanganika Restaurant, one night and breakfast in Tanganika Restaurant)

-  NEW IN 2019: Enjoy the new attraction The Yukon Wings (Les ailes du Yukon) and pilot a high-glider!


-  NEW IN 2019: Discover the North-western wolves in their new Forest of wolves! 



Prepare your visit! Park Map