Since 2008, WorldTop ESN has been offering to Clermont and Auvergne families the possibility to sponsor international students for a semester or a full year. Set up as a "speed dating", the Rencontres Expresses evening is a moment of sharing and conviviality where international students meet different familiesby going from a table to another. At the end of the evening, families fill out a form choosing the students they would appreciate to sponsor. If the student has registered the same family on the form, WorldTop ESN will be sending the student's contact to the family so the intercultural exchange can start. 

 L’image contient peut-être : 4 personnes, personnes assises, table et intérieur

This atypical sponsorship offers international students a way out of University and their student life. The families of Clermont-Ferrand and Auvergne are important actors of culture, they offer an essential complementary to the missions of WorldTop ESN. 

WorldTop ESN does not have a look at the sponsorship that is set, families are free to take part at proposed events with their student(s), yet they can also organize their own or even have plans with other families of the sponsorship. 

"In 2012 I've heard of WorldTop on France Bleu Pays d'Auvergne radio, my husband and I came to know the association. Right after the Rencontres Expresses, we started to welcome foreign students studying in Clermont-Ferrand at home. Since then, by eating French, Italian, Tunisian, Argentinian, Chinese and Spanish meals, hiking and skying, strong bounds have formed between "our" young people and us. We are always looking forward to discovering new students and new cultures each year at the Rencontres Expresses."

Marie-Aude Rieutort, sponsor family since 2012