Erasmus Student Network unites associations in capacity to welcome and integrate international students and to promote international mobility in France and 37 European countries. These associations are present in the cities in which Universities and international exchanges are important and represent more than 700 volunteers and 750 members in France. At the European level, ESN International is more than 500 associations and 15000 volunteers. 

This principle of students helping other students is the basis of the ESN Network action. Its volunteers are for the most part former international students who developed a will to opt into a voluntary commitment for the international students of their city because they also benefited from this help during their mobility.  The network is aimed at stimulating the creation of the european active civic rights.

WorldTop is one of the associations from this network which take action at a local level and which participate in national or international projects such as SocialErasmus.

Why did WorldTop join the network?

WorldTop decided to join the network for the practical exchanges it allows with other associations with the same purpose. Whether it is by mail or by national and international meetings with the different members. The ESN network is first of all new ideas, projects, new tools (like the BuddySystem) and the belonging to an international network which works hard to ensure the best mobility for you!

In 2012, WorldTop became WorldTop ESN, the first and only association from Clermont-Ferrand to join the network.

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