If you have any questions about the Civic Service in WorldTop ESN, this section is for you! 

Our current Civic Services within the association, Romane and Célia give you 10 tips to succeed in doing your mission. 


First of all, you have to keep in mind that we offer two types of Civic Service, in Communications and in Entertainment. If you are interested in doing a Civic Service you have until the month of August to apply.

1. Be part of the WorldTop family 

WorldTop is firstly joyfully!

2. Become a master in Entertainment

Animation is a key element if you want to become a Civic Service in Entertainment because it is one of the most important things when it comes to organize events such as the Café des langues! 

3. Become a master in Communications 

For each event, a new poster or flyer! And don't worry we have prepared a little guide for you with our advice to create the best posters!

4. Improve your English! 

Explaining the rules of Jungle speed? Easy!

5. Use properly social networks 

Facebook, Instagram… No more secrets for you!

6. Discover Auvergne 

Lots of cultural activities are also planned: Le Pal, Vulcania, Le Puy-de-Dôme,...

7. Meet people from different cultures 

Encounters, exchanges and friends in the whole world!

8. Learn from the training programs 

Training programs during some weekends will be suggested. And this is the occasion to find new ideas and projects!

9.Decipher the students' handwritings 

Reading a prescription will be easy after having gathered the registrations for each event!

10. Have fun 

This is the most important! 


If you feel ready to become a Civic Service in WorldTop ESN send us your résumé and your cover letter to: contact@worldtop.fr. We will receive you for a job interview and you will meet our current Civic Services, so that you will have all you need to integrate our team! 

See you soon at WorldTop ESN! 



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